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  2005.01.01  14.16
new year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! make this year the best you can!! 2005 baby!!! how will you make this year different??? good luck in all you do this year!!!

Mood: cheerful

  2004.10.01  17.06

Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Pop-up Advertisement
Your Favorite Target:Crack dealers
Your Kill Count:960,309,484
Your Battle Cry:"Allow me to molest your face with this rod!"
Years You Spend in Jail:48
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$261,041,571,105,497
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 98%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

hmmmmm watch out im dangerous.....98%.....muhahahahaha

Mood: evil

  2004.09.29  21.20


fun conv. w/ tucker

drumgroupy: ooohhh poo on you
corduroyiscomfy: no poo on me
corduroyiscomfy: im clean
drumgroupy: nope i do believe i detect some poo
corduroyiscomfy: no im pretty sure i am clean
drumgroupy: nope you just think you are
corduroyiscomfy: *sniff* nope i smell clean
drumgroupy: well its coming its on its way
drumgroupy: * flying poo!!
corduroyiscomfy: *ducks*
corduroyiscomfy: haha you missed
drumgroupy: * flying poo!!
drumgroupy: * flying poo!! aha direct hit
corduroyiscomfy: no
corduroyiscomfy: i moved
drumgroupy: ooooh but as you moved you stepped in a secret trap of poo
corduroyiscomfy: thats  what you think
corduroyiscomfy: but really i just threw that at you
drumgroupy: * ducks*  *puts up invisible protective shield* hahahahahahah (evil laugh) you will never defeat me!!!
corduroyiscomfy: thats what you think
drumgroupy: um yeah shield...how about a truce???
corduroyiscomfy: ok i guess
corduroyiscomfy: so
corduroyiscomfy: *shakes hand*
drumgroupy: *shakes hand* alright
corduroyiscomfy: haha i had poo in my hand i win
drumgroupy: *grabs hold and wipes all over face* now we're even!!
corduroyiscomfy: >:o
drumgroupy: hahahahahaha

Mood: havin fun

  2004.09.28  22.36

this is my warning sign....perfect cause its how i feel now

princesszoe has fragile contents which may break!


From Go-Quiz.com

dude this is my roommate...it fits sooooo well

lilredkty is a radioactive squirrel!!


From Go-Quiz.com

Mood: energetic

  2004.09.06  21.10

today was cool. convocation and orientaion well yeah in full uniform

fun at walmart...cool

classes start tomarrow....i have 7am classes

but tonight FOAM PARTY.....thats right i did say FOAM PARTY. yolanda went to a foam party and had a blast and now we're gonna go visit some guys down the hall hope you all have fun

Mood: tired from foam but happy

  2004.09.05  15.18


funny conversation w/ roommate from ACROSS THE ROOM!!

drumgroupy: enjoy the lucky charms!!!
LilRedKty: oo yea
LilRedKty: it took me a minute to figure out who you were
drumgroupy: GET A BOWL!!!! i washed them for that purpose...hahaha silly roomate
LilRedKty: but then i will have to wash them again
LilRedKty: it's easier
drumgroupy: give me some!!!
LilRedKty: have some
LilRedKty: get a bowl!!
drumgroupy: no i just washed them!!
LilRedKty: silly roommate


  2004.09.05  15.12
Greetings from Charlotte!

hey people...im hereat school. we arrived yesteday and i just finished unpacking and organizing. and now that im done our room looks homey, like we've been here for a while even though we both just got here yesterday. well we met our suitemates for like 5 mn each so i hope they are cool. tomarrow we have convocation and orientation then tues. we start classes. i hope everything goes well.

give me a call on my cell (cause then its not long distance)

oh and mail me things so i get mail!
email me and ill give address ( cxpxfxl@hotmail.com )

Mood: excited

  2004.08.30  12.53
omg im gonna cry

so yesterday was wonderful. i went to church and everyone was all wispering and junk. k mom had mae up some crap about oing w/ her to halp pick out furniture for the middle schoolers and to bringan extra pair of shoes. so when Crystal asked if i was going to lunch i was like i have to ask mom i think i gotta do something w/ her. so she was all like yeah no i read about that and i was so lost. but i went back in and everyone was there and they were like suprise! we're taking you out to lunch at the mall and a movie. i was so suprised. Becca got me a present( a tinkerbell towel and fairy pin) so we went. everyone was like comfy already cause they knew aboutit indim in like my dress so we eat lunch(Anna bought me a smoothie) and everyoneyelled when i bought my own lunch like thats was some big crime. then we walked around the store and i tried to find some clothes to get. Alana bought me a PotC poster (yes johnny depp pirate hotness for my room!) at hot topic ( still love that store) well we went around an had a great time. then i bought thiscute outfit at rave to wear. so ichaned andwe went to the movies. we saw nepoleon dynomite. Adambought me m&ms and a coke. the movie was so stupid and funny. then we went to starbucks to sit andtalk then slowly people had to go home. well we went home. but Crystal was like i took off work and didnt get to talk to you much wanna go to dinner later. so later Crystal,Brandy, Ingmar (sp?) and Scott went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday and had fun.

it was so great and i wanna say thanx to everyone (even though i dont think half of you read this neways) but here goes

thanx to:
Becca, Alana, Carly(sp?), Crystal, Brandy, Adam, Anna, John, Amanda, Chris, Grant, Ingmar, Scott
and the rest of c&c(college and career) though i think they were more there for lunch then me...

wel this week i have to pack cause im leaving this weekend....but no worries cause you will stay in tough w/ how my life goes through this!!

much love to all of those out there !!

Mood: appreciated, loved, thankfull

  2004.08.26  21.15

soo today was cool. i had a doctors appointment and they were so screwed up.then i went and visited stephanie at work. it was fun cant wait til this weekend i hope i can go and hang out before i leave for college

Mood: content

  2004.08.26  10.05

so tuesday i FINALLY got my license. Yay. and i drove around yesterday. i went to the mall even though it was raining. i went to Hot Topic. its now my new favorite store in the mall. then i drove to church and to walmat w/ c&c then we went to applebees. it was great to drive around and drive someone else instead of bumming a ride. neways... well im leaving next fri but seeing as everyone has already left/started school, its not as sad as everyone else (cept to all my high school friends and church people) so yeah um k im done

p.s.not important...

stupid hot topic has no hufflepuff...everything else but, (small grrr cause doesnt matter too much)


  2004.08.10  21.25

today was sooo cool. i went w/mom down to MCdounough (sp?) and met my roomate.... she is just likeme. we got along so well i know we are gonna have fun. she crazy and wild just like me. i cant wait. we spent the day together talking and having fun

but then we had to come home so well back to doing nuthin

oh yeah and yesterday i found out that i was in hufflepuff. which is cool cause i guessed i would be in there. GO BADGERS!!! black and yellow all the way!

Mood: cheerful

  2004.07.19  12.29

wow so this past week has been filled

last sunday went w/ family and Tucker and saw Harry Potter again, then we went out. that was fun cause it took us forever to find something to do. and then at burger King some guy was trying to talk to me. not really cute but guys dont normally try and talk to ME

last tuesday went up to N.C. w/ mom to visit school. its soooo cool. i was interviewed for a news show then missed it or they cut me out. took math placement test. checked out the city a little its soo cool.

babysat thurs and friday.

sat i found out who my roomate will be and found my schedule online so i know what classes im taking

sun went to church then me, dad and a couple from church went to JSU to see a DCI show, JSU is in alabama and where we had band camp first 3 years of high school. the show rocked it was soooooooooooo cool the corp were awsome. Leanne was there w/ Tyler, said hi

got home so late at like 2 and now this week my sis is at sci. camp and i have a house all to myself (Peace and quiet for once!!!!)

Mood: tired

  2004.07.07  12.29

this proves i was made for my car!!!!!!

Which VW Are You?

by Auto Glass Across America


  2004.07.06  17.43

Which Characters from Harry Potter, Labyrinth, and POTC do you dream about beding?(4 girls unless ur gay) by kitcat6640
Harry Potter Char.-Harry Potter
Where-DATDA room
Labyrinth Char.-Worm
Where-the BOES
POTC Char.-Captain Jack Sparrow
Where-on the Dauntless
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

sorry never saw the labyrinth

What is your Harry Potter Future?
by londnrox
Who you will marryGeorge Weasley
Your jobMinister/Ministress of Magic
How many kids you will have5
How you will dieYou ODed on butterbeer.
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Which Harry Potter Character shall kill YOU?
by fallenfaun
User Name
Favorite House
Favorite Colour
You Will Be Killed By:Lucius Malfoy
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Your Life in the Harry Potter Universe by dr_fabulous
User name
Hair colour
Favourite sweet
Your Hogwarts houseSlytherin
Your careerVoldemort's right-hand man
Your best friendNeville Longbottom
Your loverAlbus Dumbledore
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heehehe these are fun!!


  2004.07.04  22.06

hwy Steph. Been trying to get ya all day but not sure how.

here's for you:


i love you honey and will miss you next year. after so maky years together, its gonna be weird!!!! stay cool, we will def stay in touch!!!!


p.s. i dont have a present for ya but i do have something i made for you after our Harry Potter night out....i just havent talked to you....plus i have your book, number 5, if you wanna come by sometime and pick them up when you guys get back from P.C., give me a call

MUCH LOVE!!!!!!! 


  2004.07.03  12.21
wow a NORMAL update

so yesterday was fun. Mom was off work so we did some stuff. we went to Ross then when to see Ella Encahnted at the dollar theater. it was a good movie but alot different from the book ( yes for all those who didn't know, it was a book first)

well we went back to ross cause we didnt have time to buy anything. it was fun cause my mom doesnt shop much so i had to help her find outfits. it was great. i also got two really cute hats that ive been wanting for a long time.

oh yeah i got to drive around all day. it was great. still working on my lisence....

Mood: happy

  2004.06.30  11.09

hey i just recently watched Lord of the Rings! i know many of you out there will be proud of me cause until now i had never seen them. I watched them all in one weekend too. Two on sat and the third on sun! it was great. i also watched alot of the extras. My favorite extra was gollum's song on the two towers extra disk. its so sad but cool at the same time. i must have watched it like 10 times. i think my favorite character would be legalos because he had some of the coolest stunts! viggo's character was cool as well. and the hobbit merry is so cute in real life!!! :)

but after i watched it, i remember a question i had been asked many times.... which do you like better Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings... now that i have seen both, i realize thats a really stupid question. how can you possibly compare that two. HP is fantasy and loads of magic. and can be funny throughout the entire thing. LOTR is so intense and seems real, .....i cant describe it but there is NO WAY those two can be compared!

p.s. my pic says dork i know but he is the hottest dork i ever saw!!!!!

Mood: contemplative

  2004.06.29  16.54
ignore if you want

Which Harry Potter actor are you gonna end up marrying?
by deann
fave color:
Harry Potter actor:Dan Radcliff (Harry Potter)
Date:September 8, 2026
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

honestly, i think he's kinda young for me but......... dont think id say no.....

Seduced By A Hogwarts Proffessor (Preferably For The Girls, no Harry Potters please) by dezthewicked
Which Male Proffessor:Proffessor Sirius Black
Where:In a secret place behind a tapestry
What Pick-up Line Does He Use??"Do you have any Pureblood in you?...Do you want some?"
How Does He Do It?He lights some candles and then you take turns shedding articles of clothing
What Was it Like?*growl...!
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  2004.06.24  20.54

ibitehard is secretly married to a wolf!
squareballoon has been sent by the government to spy on you to make sure you're paying your taxes!
suketchi once took smartviruspeach into a changing room for some "fun"!
lauraangel, we all know the truth, come out of the closet.
faithful04 and ibitehard secretly peed in squareballoon's cornflakes.
squareballoon performed a "sexual act" upon lauralaura in a public toilet!

Enter your username to dish the dirt on your friends!

wow i didnt know any of this about you people!!!


  2004.06.22  14.12

hey everyone, im back! i went to D.C. for a family reunion. the trip up there was great!!! (sarcasm) we had so many troubles. but the good thing was i watched "O" and could sufficiantly ignore my sis. Well we get up there at like 1 in the morning. the next day started the reunion sorta. we hung out till it officially started.

i got to see this new kids cartoon that my cousin helped work on. Its call the Backyardigans so if you happen to be home after Oct. 11 and are watching Nick Jr. then look for it. My cousin did the body movement for one of the characters!!!

well reunions are cool sorta. Its not cause all the people ( i hardly remember half their names neways) but cause i get to see my fav cousins. i was blessed w/ two other cousins born around when i was. One in nov. (shoutout to Dia!!!!), me in Dec. and one in Jan (whadup "Bruce" David) but everytime its us three together for ever. we had fun, trying to constantly dodge the munchkin invasion. its been a while since all three of us have been together.

well seeing D.C. was fun. i got a cute new visor and this neat bracelet and if my camara doesnt screw up, cool pictures.

spent sunday w/ family even though reunion over slept over at Dia's house. it was cool we walked around the potomic

the trip home was cool. i got an atlas to keep in my car (no getting lost for me!!!) there were no problems and we went and got my dog. came home and slept. that was last night.

overall it was an ok trip ( well not counting the fact of our hustling cousin, second cousin, cousin to our parents, well whoever he was, he kept selling souviners from the reunion)

well thats all for now!

Mood: tired

  2004.06.15  11.31

I&apos;m Mrs. Harry Potter</a>

The HP Boy Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.

hehehehe (giddy Look on face) hehehehe

I&apos;m Mrs. Sirius Black</a>

The HP Male Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.

hehehhehehehehe ( more giddy looks) hehehehehehehe

see told ya obsessed!!!

Mood: giggly

  2004.06.15  11.17

wow the last time i updated, i was excited about driving to Eckerds and to faith's neighborhood. but now ive been driving a lot more. And besides parrallel parking im basiclly ready for the test. but ill be going out of town so.... ill wait.

Im goin to D.C. for a family reunion. ti should be fun sorta.

update on me.... well im becoming increasingly more obsessed w/ Harry Potter which is ok w/ me. im trying to learn as much as i can about.... well everything Harry Potter

neways thats all

Mood: ecstatic

  2004.05.06  20.52

yesterday i drove to eckards and back.....i drove on the street, its like the first time since the day i got my permit lik three years ago! AAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDDD, this morning i drove to the gas station and all the way to Faith's neighborhood, (for those who dont know thats from bells ferry by 575 al the way to ebenezer before the railraod tracks.) i was sooooooo proud!!!! it was great....now if i could only get through to the dmv i can schedual an appiontment to get my license.

on a sadder thought, ap calc this morning sucked! i did so bad but i tried which is all my mom expected, plus i dont need all the way up to calculus to run a business.

on a happier note, in evaluation of my ap lit practitce test i would get a 3!!!!! yay for me cause i thought i sucked at writing

Mood: ecstatic

  2004.05.04  23.33
Someone has a birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to Laura Dunning,
Happy Birthday to Laura Dunning,
Happy Birthday to The coolest Bill the Cat i know,
Happy Birthday to Laura Dunning!!!!!!!!!

i hope you have splendiferous birthday i dint see yo today but thats ok i think i got in enough birthday wishes, how about you????
make it the best hun!!

Mood: cheerful

  2004.04.27  11.07

so yesterday i was suprised w/ a new silver vw beetle!!!! it was a grad. gift from my parents!!!!!! its soooooo cool i cant wait til i can drive it

oh and to the previous update.....i think thats all gone now so no worries i dont care. dont like him.

Mood: ecstatic

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